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Meet Eman

Eman Bu-Rashid Marketing Strategist

A Certified Duct Tape Marketing Consultant, Total Online Presence expert and prominent speaker on marketing strategy and planning. Eman is dedicated to helping SMEs grow, and build a systematic approach to marketing, using practical and affordable techniques.


  • On two separate occasions during the past 6 months, I had the opportunity to attend marketing workshops conducted by Eman in Dubai. A dignified lady of pleasant disposition with a wealth of experience, Eman is clearly a master of her craft. Furthermore, she is also immensely articulate at explaining marketing concepts in a way that can be understood at a functional nuts and bolts level. I would recommend her without hesitation to any organization that wants to make a REAL difference with its marketing spend, and inevitably boost its bottom line in the process.

    Sanjay Duggal Managing Partner, Franchising Specialist, Investment Advisor (Hospitality) & Compulsive Problem Solver
  • It was such an amazing experience. I had many courses in marketing before but this was different TOTALLY different. I learnt a lot and advice everyone to go for it. It’s a 7 stars course not 5 Thank you Ms. Eman Thank you Keynotes consultancy.

    Dr. Hanan Madan, Member of Board of Director, Al Kindi Hospital
  • Ms Eman really breaks it down for you! It is clear, lively and informative. Some great pointers for any company: beginning, mature and struggling.

    Dr. Vivien Exartier, Assistant Professor and International Program Officer, Royal University for Women
  • I have attended the Marketing Sessions organized by UNIDO (United Nations Industrial Development Organization) and delivered by Eman Bu-Rashid. It was an enjoyable experience, educational and fun. I have discovered that marketing touches almost every aspect of our lives. I have discovered that marketing is an art, and Eman is one of the ?nest artists in Bahrain and probably in the region.

    Kamal Al-Shihaby, Founder and CEO at Vigilance Consulting
  • Training sessions conducted by Ms. Eman Bu-Rashid is a real boost to any company having difficulty in putting a roadmap to its marketing strategy. With her strong background and clear methodology, you can gradually analyze your company and position it among competitors.

    Ahmed Kooheji, Partner at Kooheji Jewelry

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    The Secret Sauce To Your Restaurant’s Marketing Strategy

    New restaurants and cafes seem to pop up everywhere and competition is becoming fierce in this sector. Restaurants also are not immune to economic challenges and changing consumer behaviour. Just like other businesses, they have to adapt and grow to continue to bring in new business. Customer service is the cornerstone of a successful restaurant. But what does good customer service mean? This is open to so much interpretation. What makes for a positive dining experience differs greatly by customer, however most would agree that customers look for an experience that leave them with a good taste.

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    Eman BurashidThe Secret Sauce To Your Restaurant’s Marketing Strategy
  • Reham Al Arrayed – Classrooms Magazine

    My name is Reham A.Aziz Al Arrayedh, The founder of Classrooms Magazine. Classrooms Magazine is a pioneer publication that targets youth and their surroundings environments in the kingdom of Bahrain. Classrooms is the only magazine focusing on covering private schools events & activities. The magazine features the young talents and highlighting their achievements. Being a long shelf life, the publication is also a great opportunity for businesses to use as a medium to present their products and services to absolutely reach their target people.

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    Eman BurashidReham Al Arrayed – Classrooms Magazine
  • Noora Albinkhalil – Al Shorooq International Preschool

    iNoora Albinkhalil

    My name is Noora Albinkhalil. I’m in the business of fostering leadership and entrepreneurship among young children in Al Shorooq International Preschool in Riffa. My staff and I do this through providing an environment that simulates a startup company. This allows children to guide themselves through project-based and student-driven learning experience that fosters independence.

    I have established it in the end of 2014. With our commitment, registered families are already seeing changes and growth they never imagined possible. We are the only Montessori preschool in the area, we teach bilingually (Arabic/English). With highly certified and trained staff, we accept children in their very critical developmental age of 3 to 6 years old. Montessori is a new and non-traditional curriculum that is why I needed help to spread awareness about this program and its uniqueness. That is when I started to look for assistance of an expert.

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    Eman BurashidNoora Albinkhalil – Al Shorooq International Preschool



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