Do Entrepreneurs Need College?

Entrepreneurs are capable of innovations with no money and no connections. They can start a business with just a computer. Right now, there are multi-million dollar small businesses with no offices, no employees, and no debt. These are exciting times for entrepreneurs. This means that more people can spread their awesome ideas and innovations directly to people faster and further than ever before, thanks to the internet.

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Eman BurashidDo Entrepreneurs Need College?

How To Hire A Marketing Consultant

The first step in hiring a marketing consultant is to know why you’re hiring a marketing consultant. A good marketing consultant will provide you with a holistic integrated marketing approach, not just parts and pieces. (They should be able to confidently recommend those parts and pieces, but with the whole in mind.)


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Eman BurashidHow To Hire A Marketing Consultant

Reham Al Arrayed – Classrooms Magazine

My name is Reham A.Aziz Al Arrayedh, The founder of Classrooms Magazine. Classrooms Magazine is a pioneer publication that targets youth and their surrounding environments in the kingdom of Bahrain. Classrooms are the only magazine focusing on covering private school events & activities. The magazine features young talents and highlighting their achievements. Being a long shelf life, the publication is also a great opportunity for businesses to use as a medium to present their products and services to absolutely reach their target people.

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Eman BurashidReham Al Arrayed – Classrooms Magazine

Roaya Sharif – Roya Café

Here’s what Roaya Sharif said

I am Roaya Sharif, former owner of Roya Café. I am attending the course of “Executive coaching and Mentorship in marketing program” too late, it makes me feel that I should have attended it before I start my business, the lack of experience at marketing could not make me stand on my foot.

The course explains the importance of online marketing, the way you deliver the information, the worksheets, and the experience which you have, benefited us of how to engage the customers. “Make it HUMAN” has made me post some photos and videos on Instagram and was glad to have such a lot of viewers. Posting cake photos do not make impressions unless it’s human.


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Eman BurashidRoaya Sharif – Roya Café

Fatima Al Alawi – Sign a Memory

Fatime Al Alawi – Review of the “Executive Coaching & Mentorship In Marketing Program”

“The course was such a refresher for me as a marketer. Having said that, I did learn a lot of new things especially about the online presence and how I can strengthen my website and audience.

The way you teach is amazing because you teach with love and it shows. You not only give us the information but show us examples from your own experience because you used it. This helps a lot not only by making the knowledge stick but also believable because we see actual results.

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Eman BurashidFatima Al Alawi – Sign a Memory

Fatima Saeed – Gogorgeous Mobile Salon

Small Business

I’m Fatima Saeed owner of Go Gorgeous Mobile Salon. I took this course ” Executive Coaching & Mentorship in Marketing” because I needed a strategy and plan for my business to grow and as we all know the importance of marketing in every business, this course is cleverly designed, enjoyable and an eye opener for young entrepreneurs like us who want to develop their marketing methods for their own company. It has changed my approach and I am looking forward to using all the guidelines that have been provided. This course definitely showed me how to keep my customers engaged. 

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Eman BurashidFatima Saeed – Gogorgeous Mobile Salon

Why Search Engine Optimization matters for your local business

Google searches have evolved into a fundamental part of everyday life. There are over 3.5 billion searches per day, and over 40,000 searches per second. Google is by far the most important search engine and it continues to monopolise the way we search for products, services and information on the internet. No matter how your prospects find you, they will probably also Google you. If they can’t find your website, or don’t like what they see in terms of online presence or reviews, they will buy elsewhere. Your website represents the most important element that adds credibility for your business. If you are a small business owner, people will now judge your entire life’s work based on the design and content of your website.

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Eman BurashidWhy Search Engine Optimization matters for your local business

Email Marketing- A Better Strategy for Lead Generation & Conversion

So when it comes to lead generation and conversion, is email marketing really the “A-player’s” strategy? Your total online presence doesn’t end with having a website. It needs to be integrated and complimented by other efforts. This includes content creation, online advertising, local SEO, social media, reputation management and email marketing for lead generation. Email marketing, when done right, can nurture leads and keep current contacts and customers involved with your brand.

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Eman BurashidEmail Marketing- A Better Strategy for Lead Generation & Conversion

30 Ways to Surprise & Delight Your Customers

Many businesses invest a lot of time and money trying to attract new customers, but do not pay much attention to those they already have. Delighting your customers can become your competitive advantage. Competitors can copy your products, lower the price or offer similar benefits; but they will not be able to copy the experience your customers have when buying from you. Making customers feel delighted and pleasantly surprised is the responsibility of everyone, not just that of the salespeople or those at the forefront.

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Eman Burashid30 Ways to Surprise & Delight Your Customers