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Reham Al Arrayed – Classrooms Magazine

My name is Reham A.Aziz Al Arrayedh, The founder of Classrooms Magazine. Classrooms Magazine is a pioneer publication that targets youth and their surrounding environments in the kingdom of Bahrain. Classrooms are the only magazine focusing on covering private school events & activities. The magazine features young talents and highlighting their achievements. Being a long shelf life, the publication is also a great opportunity for businesses to use as a medium to present their products and services to absolutely reach their target people.

I’m doing the Executive Coaching & Mentorship – Marketing with Ms. Eman Burashid. Since I started the course, I gained a lot of exposure to other entrepreneurs which I found very valuable. From the time I began the course, I also started to apply the skills that I learned from the course. This is a great contribution to the end result to my business.

The training and support by Ms. Eman Burashid have been excellent. The whole course and material are so in-depth but not in a way that I couldn’t get to grasps with it. Ms. Burashid has a natural way of putting the content across in a relaxing and simplified manner that is easy to understand which is very effective.

Executive Coaching & Mentorship course gave me the knowledge to widen the range of my services. I can now offer my clients. Now I am able to better guide and advise clients for specific and targeted goals

Hence, I will be taking all the information from the course and use in the day-to-day to run my business. So, overall, thumbs up for Ms. Eman Burashid!

Reham Al Arrayed – Classroom Magazine

Eman BurashidReham Al Arrayed – Classrooms Magazine
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