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3 Basic (But Crucial) Areas of the Customer Experience You Need To Get Right Every Time

We all know that an unhappy customer is a bad thing, but how do you achieve providing the best customer service possible? The key to providing excellent customer service is to, first of all, think of providing more than just service. Think of providing an experience that makes your customers want to work with you for years instead of a one-time transaction.

Thinking of the value a customer brings through his or her continuous business, as well as referrals, over the coming years is a great motivator to build that great customer experience model or protocol in your business.

Now there is so much information on how to create that great experience. Honestly, it doesn’t even have to be over the top for the most part. More often than not, the bar has not been set very high. All you have to do is fulfill the basics, both what customers expect and unfortunately have come to not expect. When we ask our program participants “What is the best experience you’ve had as a customer?” We usually hear stories like “the server remembered that I take only non-dairy milk,” or “they left me a ‘thank you’ note with some chocolate,” or even something as basic as “they answered all my calls and responded to all my questions promptly.”

That being said, the basics boil down to 3 areas listed below. Keep in mind though, that each of these areas all applies to every part of your team (i.e. sales, customer/client services, tech support departments, etc.) Since they are the basic foundation to building the customer experience, you need to make sure it is adapted in an integrated force within your business.

  1. Technical

    The people on your team must know every single detail related to your product or service. This will make customers feel more at ease that the person they are dealing with knows what he or she is talking about, making them feel more confident in entrusting your business with their money.

  2. Delivery

    From the first encounter with the customer up until the product or service is delivered, be sure that the customer experiences warmth, hospitality and reassurance. Empower your team by teaching them social cues, eye contact, welcoming body language, etc. Taking small steps to make a customer feel special goes a long way.

  3. The WOW moment

    These are those moments that customers will never forget. The moments they felt like the most valued and important person in the room. Before diving into these though, you need to make sure your first two foundations are rock solid for this to make a significant difference. These are best created with authenticity and passion so it would be great to allow your team to think of their own ideas of how they can honour the customers that they deal with themselves. A good example of this is one of Bahrain’s local restaurants in the Adliya 338 area. We’re all familiar with how servers bring out a complimentary cake to customers celebrating their birthdays. Meisei takes it one step further but gifting a customized drink for the birthday celebrant, made right in front of them and based on what they like. This is surely a simple and inexpensive gesture but still very memorable.

So tell us, what ideas do you have in creating that special customer experience?

Eman Burashid3 Basic (But Crucial) Areas of the Customer Experience You Need To Get Right Every Time
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