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Fatema Rashed – Bloomings Flowers

What did Fatema (Bloomings Flowers) say?

Hello, my name is Fatema Rashed and I am the owner of Bloomings Flowers. My business is new and I am still in the planning process when I took the “Executive Coaching and Mentorship in Marketing Program”. I wanted to create a brand in flowers business for a long time, ever since I was in school. I grew up realizing that we have a very competitive market and customers are much more aware of this market more than ever before.

Therefore, I had to take my work and way of thinking into a higher and professional level. It was a great opportunity to be in this course, in order to draw a path that I should take as a startup.

This course helped me massively in understanding the importance of online presence for any business. It also helped me understand which marketing channels would be suitable for my business, and how to use them. It also helped me in understanding what customers needs are and how I can serve them in the best way.

I would definitely recommend this program for any kind of startup business.

Thank you Eman Bu-Rashid and Keynotes staff for making it a beautiful and successful experience.

Eman BurashidFatema Rashed – Bloomings Flowers
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