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Fatima Saeed – Gogorgeous Mobile Salon

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I’m Fatima Saeed owner of Go Gorgeous Mobile Salon. I took this course ” Executive Coaching & Mentorship in Marketing” because I needed a strategy and plan for my business to grow and as we all know the importance of marketing in every business, this course is cleverly designed, enjoyable and an eye opener for young entrepreneurs like us who want to develop their marketing methods for their own company. It has changed my approach and I am looking forward to using all the guidelines that have been provided. This course definitely showed me how to keep my customers engaged. 

Initially, I had trouble where my clients wanting to me to reply to them personally. They got used to me getting their appointments booked. Also, they didn’t accept the fact that an employee is taking their appointments. I believe they didn’t feel special anymore, which made me lose a lot of regular customers. During one of the discussion sessions in the course, I got the solution. You suggested dedicating a different phone for my clients to get their feedback. That made them really comfortable that I am there with them and involved!

Thank you, Eman for your support. Problem solved.

I now have more visitor to my website based on Google Analytics and I will also start to blog this month. We have also discussed ways to expand my business. This is an amazing program and I’m so glad that I joined.

Fatima Saeed – Go Gorgeous Mobile Salon


Eman BurashidFatima Saeed – Gogorgeous Mobile Salon
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