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Fix Your Follow ups

Here’s one big secret for growing your business: “Fix your Follow-up”. People spend time and money in networking events and the next thing they end-up with lots of business cards and lots of leads.

I’m sure if you look at your desk now, you will find a pile of business cards that you have done nothing with. This is an example of “fixing your follow-up”. Why don’t you have a process for those people. Business is about relationships and those relationships need to be stronger than ever. It’s about customer service.  It’s about customer intimacy. It’s about doing extra stuff to keep in touch with those people.

If you look closely at your contacts, you will find that about 10%, or may be 25%, of those people are ready to buy your product right now.  There’s another 75% to 90% that are saying not now. They could be saying “not now”, because they don’t know you well enough to do business with you, or that they don’t need your products right now or it’s not a priority for them right now. The fact that you have their contact details means that you should stay in contact with those people on a regular basis and be the to-go-to business when they are ready.

There are so many ways to keep in touch. When you are in the retail business, you may consider offering special stuff to keep in touch with your clients. You can have a VIP club, where they get extra specials, extra little goodies for being part of this. People like to feel special. There are always some customers who want to be special and they should be, because they are usually your A
clients. So they are special. They are so special that we need to value them.

You can also provide these people with valuable information on a regular basis (depending on the type of business) to take them to the next step. You can do this through newsletters or emails, giving information, for example, about beauty, shopping, places and shops to go to.

You can have special events that keep them in touch with you, to build the trust, so that when they are ready to buy, they Know, Like and Trust you. These events allow you to display your expertise and allow you to stay in touch with your clients over and over again.

You need to follow up with your customers using different medium. This can be on-line, in person or direct mail, because  different people like different medium.

Get out of your office more. This builds the Know, Like and Trust faster. People really bond when they get an opportunity to see you face to face. You can go around to different associations that you are involved in. It could be visiting a customer. Think about if you are a customer and how rarely they come to visit you.

So there is so much to do with those business cards, with those people that are on your list, to stay in touch, to follow-up and to continue to build that intimacy and relationship with those individuals.

Now, you may ask yourself: “Where do I start?” Simple. You start with one thing at a time. So after reading this article, hopefully there’s something you can implement today or tomorrow and have that up and running. When you do something tomorrow and another thing the day after, you will realize that it is possible to grow your business by simply fixing your follow up.

Eman BurashidFix Your Follow ups
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