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Who Is The Real Hero?

Some time ago, I posted a poll on my social media page asking business owners “Who is the hero of your business? You or your customer?” It surprised me that half of those who participated did not vouch for the latter.

For the longest time, we’ve been so accustomed to seeing “About Us” sections on websites reading things like “our company has been the industry’s pioneer,” or “we are committed to providing only the best,” or “our product solves problems and reduces costs.” Although there may be truth to all these, shining the spot light on your company instead of your customers is a huge mistake. You can tell these stories with as much zeal and confidence as you’d like, but it will not make customers like or trust you.

How do you do this?

You do this by telling the story of your business with the customers being the main star, with their needs and their problems being considered. Here’s an example:

Wrong: We recently helped XYZ save a million dollars. To find out how, give us a call.

Right: “We recently worked with XYZ to save them a million dollars. If you’ want to know how they did it, give us a call.”

See the difference? When you paint a picture of your business holding merely a supporting role in the story of a customer’s success, they are more likely to trust you. After all, it is their story they are most consumed by.

Your next step is clear now. Review all your sales and marketing material (i.e. website copy, flyers, blogs, etc.) replace yourself as the hero, and shine a light on your customers instead.

Eman BurashidWho Is The Real Hero?
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