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How to Create Marketing Content

A couple of days ago, I received an email from someone in Canada offering me with NO CHARGE the opportunity to add more valuable content to my website. It offered me the opportunity to distribute reports, which are relevant to my business, to my clients and to customize them with my company’s logo. All they asked for in exchange is a back link from my site to their client’s website. Their client is in the same industry, focused solely on Canadian business, so they are not a competitor. The whole purpose is to provide clients with great added value that will actually help their businesses, showing that you actually care.

To market your business, you need to create content. Not just any content.. it has to be valuable content… then offer that content free of charge to your customer. There a number of ways which you can create your own rich reports with a few clicks… There are many directories with articles produced by business owners and marketers.

If you would like to offer a free report to post on your website or send it with your newsletter, you can look up some article directories to create a collection of articles on nearly any topic on the planet. You can visit some of the directories listed below and search for content that meets your industry, solution or keyword phrase.

Next, choose, say, 10 of the best articles and create a collection of articles, add a cover page that lists you and your website as the publisher, your contact details for anyone who wants to find out more about you and your services, a table of content (taking into account the rules that the article directories require and always credit the originating author with their link).

You should also consider adding your own content too. This way, you could offer this free report on your website, in hard copy or use it as a bonus with every purchase.

Here are some of these directories:

Add Me –

Article Central –

Article City –

Article Finders –

Constant Content –

Small Business Outpost –

Webmasters Library –

Zinos –

Eman BurashidHow to Create Marketing Content
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