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How to Get Your Customer Talking About You

Generating word of mouth is so important for you to grow your business. Here are some ways to get your customers talking about you.

1. Ask Your Customer

Call your customers and ask them why they keep buying from you and why they tell their friends about you. You might be surprised by their answers. This will help you understand what your current customer value about doing business with you.

2. Teach Your Customer

One way to help your customers talking about you is to educate them on your business, your products and services and how you are different from the others.

3. Include Your Customer

Create a focus group or a roundtable discussion group made up of select customers and charge them with advising you on new marketing and business initiatives. (Reward them for this in some way as well). Include them to advise you on product extension, the look and feel of your website redesign. These people not only will give you good advice but will also be loyal ambassadors for your brand.

Eman BurashidHow to Get Your Customer Talking About You
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