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Narrow Your Target Market

From a marketing standpoint, don’t try to be all things to all people. You really must find a target market. That may not sound like new news or new information, but it is amazing how easy it is for small business owners to forget this basic point..

Many times when you ask small business owners to describe their target market, they say anybody who pays them. If you say that you work with
just anybody, a lot of times your prospects would say why then should I deal with you. How would they know that you will meet their specific needs? When you want to be all things to all people, no-one will know what your expertise are.. what are you good at..

Eventually, you become good at nothing.

The problem really comes down to trust. One of your biggest challenges as a small business is to overcome this lack of trust. They’ve never heard of you. Why should they trust what you have to say? For many people, if they believe you understand them, you serve their needs or if you’ve served somebody just like them, you are more likely to get their business.

You may ask: How do I know my target market?

The answer to this is easy. Just look at those clients that keep coming back to you, those people that value and like what you offer, who trust you and who refer other people to you. Then draw a description of those
clients, and look for more like them..

These are your ideal clients.. this is your target market.

Eman BurashidNarrow Your Target Market
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