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Noora Albinkhalil – Al Shorooq International Preschool

Who’s Noora

My name is Noora Albinkhalil. I’m in the business of fostering leadership and entrepreneurship among young children in Al Shorooq International Preschool in Riffa. My staff and I do this by providing an environment that simulates a startup company. This allows children to guide themselves through project-based and student-driven learning experience that fosters independence.

I have established it at the end of 2014. With our commitment, registered families are already seeing changes and growth they never imagined possible. We are the only Montessori preschool in the area, we teach bilingually (Arabic/English). With highly certified and trained staff, we accept children in their very critical developmental age of 3 to 6 years old. Montessori is a new and non-traditional curriculum that is why I needed help to spread awareness about this program and its uniqueness. That is when I started to look for the assistance of an expert.

What did she say about us

There are a lot of marketing courses out there. I chose Keynotes course by Eman Bu Rashid because it’s the perfect marketing course for entrepreneurs and startups. It really suits our needs as people who are running startups and need to wear different hats.

The course is always updated. This is important because social media “one of the most important marketing tool” keeps updating on a daily basis. Entrepreneurs have to keep track of this. On the other hand, the course is practical and accessible online, so we can study whenever and wherever it’s convenient.

Last but not least Eman Bu Rashid is the perfect tutor for such a course. She is my mentor before I registered for the course so I know her very well. Eman can really relate to us as entrepreneurs as she is one of us. She is reachable, flexible, informative, persistent, and experienced in her field. She helped a lot of startups to establish and grow. Not to mention that the course is fully supported by Tamkeen. So if anyone asks me if I recommend it, I will definitely answer “yes”. I have already recommended it to a lot of my fellow entrepreneurs.

Noora Albinkhalil – Al Shorooq International Preschool

Eman BurashidNoora Albinkhalil – Al Shorooq International Preschool
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