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Tamara Al-Pachachi

Keynotes consultants are professional, are results orientated and truly know their stuff in all aspects ‘marketing’. They are a great resource for establishing a solid marketing strategy.

Tamara Al-Pachachi
Decorum Fine Art

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Eman BurashidTamara Al-Pachachi

Bassam Kazerooni

I had a wonderful experience with Keynotes! After completing a course on Digital Marketing with them, I was able to move my company website from page 20 to page 1 on Google! This is definitely the right place to go to if you want to take your business to the next level.

Bassam Kazerooni
Emplinks Recruitment Consultancy

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Eman BurashidBassam Kazerooni

Adil Shafeeq – Olive Green Contracting

I had the pleasure to take the Executive Coaching and Marketing Course with Eman. It was very beneficial and eye-opening. Not only did I learn the essence and basics of marketing in terms of strategy, psychology and so on, but also how to engineer and quantify the processes and results in our digital and physical markets. What I also liked about the course was its practicality and result-orientated, we were supported and pushed to set our tailored marketing strategies/tasks into our calendars. I couldn’t think of a business that wouldn’t benefit from this course.

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Eman BurashidAdil Shafeeq – Olive Green Contracting

Jaafar Hamza, Boxobia

Never stop learning!

It was one of the most useful, practical and inspirational trainings I’ve had.

It was a very informative course, with a helpful teacher (Eman Bu Rashid) and a great group of students.

I’m honored to have completed the Executive Coaching and Mentoring in Marketing program, using the Duct Tape Marketing System.

Jaafar Hamza, Boxobia

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Eman BurashidJaafar Hamza, Boxobia

Tamara Al-Pachachi, Decorum Fine Art

I feel so lucky to have completed the marketing course with Eman. She is professional, well prepared and conducts sessions with conciseness, in a pleasant demeanor. The course provided me with a clear and structured road map to market my own business going forward. I would highly recommend it to anyone who needs to know the ideal way to put together a marketing strategy and plan.

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Eman BurashidTamara Al-Pachachi, Decorum Fine Art

Ahmed Yonis Sharif – Ahmed Sharif Furniture

The marketing program provided unique marketing information that I was introduced to it for the first time. The sequence of introducing the information and concepts in the program and how Eman Bu-Rashid explained were inter-related with each other showing the importance of the previous strategy or idea. In short, this is a must have training program for any businessmen/ woman who are looking to increase their marketing knowledge and to run their marketing department and team successfully.

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Eman BurashidAhmed Yonis Sharif – Ahmed Sharif Furniture

Ahmed Kooheji, Partner at Kooheji Jewelry

Training sessions conducted by Ms. Eman Bu-Rashid is a real boost to any company having difficulty in putting a roadmap to its marketing strategy. With her strong background and clear methodology, you can gradually analyze your company and position it among competitors.

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AdminAhmed Kooheji, Partner at Kooheji Jewelry

Kamal Al-Shihaby, Founder and CEO at Vigilance Consulting

I have attended the Marketing Sessions organized by UNIDO (United Nations Industrial Development Organization) and delivered by Eman Bu-Rashid. It was an enjoyable experience, educational and fun. I have discovered that marketing touches almost every aspect of our lives. I have discovered that marketing is an art, and Eman is one of the finest artists in Bahrain and probably in the region.

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AdminKamal Al-Shihaby, Founder and CEO at Vigilance Consulting

Dr. Hanan Madan, Member of Board of Director, Al Kindi Hospital

It was such an amazing experience. I had many courses in marketing before but this was different TOTALLY different. I learnt a lot and advice everyone to go for it. It’s a 7 stars course not 5 Thank you Ms. Eman Thank you Keynotes consultancy.

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AdminDr. Hanan Madan, Member of Board of Director, Al Kindi Hospital