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Questions You Need To Ask

Many business owners don’t spend a lot of time talking to their customers. Picture this scenario: A new customer walks into your showroom/shop, buys something and leaves.

This person may or may never come again. But, you, as a business owner, lost the opportunity to get valuable information that can save you loads of money, or even make you more money.

Here are very simple questions you should be asking every customer:

1. How did you find us?

If you don’t know how your prospects are finding you, how will you know where to advertise? How would you know that your website is actually attracting leads to your business? How would you know that you are getting referrals from your existing customers? Without knowing how your customers find you, you’re probably wasting a lot of money advertising in all the wrong places! Or you are wasting your marketing effort on things that don’t work.

2. Why did you choose us?

This answer will help you identify your differentiation. It will tell you what your competitors are lacking, and where they let customers down. It will tell you how well is your marketing working. When you know what makes you different, you grab this discovery and run with it and start telling the whole world about it. Tell them what makes you different… tell them why they should buy from you and no-one else. You can use this information in your marketing to set yourself apart from all other businesses who say they do what you do. This is how you can attract more customers immediately.

3. What made you make this purchase today (not last month or next month)?

The answer to this question will tell you the “Timing Trigger”. Getting this information will save you a ton of money, time and resources, because you will know when people are ready to buy. Buying a certain product today means that it has become a priority. Is it something to do with the time of the year; a certain age in the life of your customer, the weather or time of the day? There could many reasons for this trigger. This is something you have to know, so that you know where and when to put your marketing money, time and resources.

There you go… Three very simple questions… This is Do-It-Yourself market research that you can start today and begin to grow your business tomorrow.

Do you ask every one of your customers these questions? Can you think of other questions to ask? Share them with us; we’d love to hear them!

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Eman BurashidQuestions You Need To Ask
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