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Roaya Sharif – Roya Café

Here’s what Roaya Sharif said

I am Roaya Sharif, former owner of Roya Café. I am attending the course of “Executive coaching and Mentorship in marketing program” too late, it makes me feel that I should have attended it before I start my business, the lack of experience at marketing could not make me stand on my foot.

The course explains the importance of online marketing, the way you deliver the information, the worksheets, and the experience which you have, benefited us of how to engage the customers. “Make it HUMAN” has made me post some photos and videos on Instagram and was glad to have such a lot of viewers. Posting cake photos do not make impressions unless it’s human.


I’m glad to have such a lovely mentor, thanks to Mrs. Eman Bu-Rashid, you made us understand the market and thanks for helping me in completing the worksheets. The course worksheets are so much demanding but at the end, it’s for our best. Being together with our lovely mentor and the group has made our experience richer as we chat, give ideas to one another, and get others feedback.

The online presence is so important, I am planning to develop my website and make it more effective and post information, videos about baking. Will be glad to help my co-friends in posting blogs on my website, I believe we all have to cooperate and stand by each other to grow the Bahraini market.

Thanks a lot for rescheduling one session which some of us missed, really appreciate it.

At the end, I encourage every entrepreneur whether at startup or even if you have an ongoing business to enhance your knowledge by attending this course and thanks to Tamkeen for sponsoring it.

Roaya Sharif – Roya Café


Eman BurashidRoaya Sharif – Roya Café
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