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Should you be salesy?

Many  business owners say that they don’t want to be salesy. That’s great! This means that they don’t want to be phony or push crap on people who don’t want or need it.

Great selling is a cool craft and it’s about communication, courage and caring. If we earn the trust of the people that we are working with, then we have the right to show them how they can buy what it is that we do. We need to talk about our products and services.

I think it’s a real crime and we are doing a disservice to our clients and prospects if we don’t explain to them and show them how we can provide them with a solution to their problems or that our offers satisfy their needs.

If anyone of you become too hesitant and afraid of becoming  too salesy .. don’t become too salesy, but you need to set the expectations, especially when  you know that you have something of value to offer to your prospects, and that you are going to earn their trust by demonstrating to them that value by communicating, engaging and giving. At some point of time, you are going to go back to these prospects and let them know what it is that you’re going to sell them.

Set the expectation early on and don’t be afraid to ask for the order. The client or the prospect may wonder why we didn’t actually want to help them.

Eman BurashidShould you be salesy?
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