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Strategy First Marketing Package

Your Strategy First Marketing Package will keep you from wasting money on ineffective tactics, take the guesswork out of what will work best for your specific business, and guide you towards the success you’re ready to achieve.

Strategy First Marketing Package

The “Strategy First Marketing” package will provide you with the big picture for your business; how to position your business; how you are going to compete; how you are going to use the resources you have to grow your business.

The Strategy First Marketing Package starts with a Total Online Presence Audit to look at everything you are currently doing online.

In the next phase, we focus on creating a marketing plan by interviewing ideal clients, developing core messaging, creating a content calendar, building the phases of the Marketing Hourglass and leave you with the highest priorities and recommendations.

What’s included

Initial Getting Started Discovery Meeting – During this meeting, we’ll learn about your current marketing efforts as well as future goals and objectives.

Total Online Presence Audit – The engagement will begin with an audit of your current online presence which includes a look at website journey, SEO, keywords, content, social media and ratings, and reviews.

Client interview – 5 ideal clients (or employees) interviews completed by the consultant. You will receive access to high-level summaries, ideal client profiles, and a big promise to help direct your core message.

Competitive research – High-level summaries and a report on competitive factors for 3 of your top competitors.

Content calendar – Content calendar including 6 monthly themes based on keyword research, your marketing and business objectives.

Marketing Hourglass – A roundup of suggested marketing tactics for each of the phases of the Marketing Hourglass: Know, Like, Trust, Try, Buy, Repeat and Refer.

High-level strategies – 4-6 of your highest-level strategies identified and mapped out as next steps.

Final Presentation of Findings – Once we complete our work we’ll schedule a time to meet with you and your team face-to-face or via video chat to deliver the items above and map out what we believe are your best next steps. From this point, you can implement changes and tactics or ask us to propose managing your ongoing marketing.

Frequently Asked Questions

What will you need from me?

  • Scheduling of and availability to attend 3 meetings
  • Completion of Marketing Review and Discovery Forms within 2 weeks
  • Patience during the 3-4 weeks it takes to research, interview clients, strategize and create your Strategy First Marketing Plan after Discovery process is complete.

What is the Strategy First Process? 

Here’s the process:

Phase 1. Timeframe: 2 weeks depending on how much time you will need to complete the Review and Discovery phase and gather contact information of 5 clients.

Phase 2. Timeframe: 4 weeks.

  • Total Online Presence Audit research
  • Conduct 5 ideal client interviews
  • Competitive research
  • Develop the Marketing Hourglass based on client touch-points
  • Develop first 6 months of a content calendar
  • Develop top 3 high-level strategic action steps
  • Presentation and Delivery of Marketing Plan and Action Steps

What happens after I sign up?

Immediately after signing up, you’ll receive a request to meet to conduct the Review and Discovery Phase.


Do you have a payment plan?

We do not have a payment plan for this Package. However, if you’re committed to growing your business but prefer to pay on a monthly basis, you may be interested in our group programs: Executive Coaching & Mentoring in Marketing or Marketing Strategies & Planning, which will guide you to grow in your business through a deep learning course, training plus coaching.


Who is this package for?

The Strategy First Marketing Package is designed for business owners who need more clients and want to grow their businesses, but could use a roadmap that has been created specifically for them to follow on the path to success. It’s for business owners who have wasted marketing money on tactics (example: flyers & Instagram ads) that didn’t grow their client base. Without a strategy, it’s difficult to focus on exactly the right steps to take and it’s easy to find yourself going down marketing paths that don’t get the results you were hoping for.

Strategy First Marketing Package

The entire process takes about 1-2 months.

The price of this package starts at BD 3,395/-.

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