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Tell, Don’t Sell

How many of you went into a shop and were so annoyed at the salesperson who kept chasing you around trying to sell you? I’m sure this has happened to many of you. I’m one of those people who leave the shop without buying to avoid this salesperson.

Here are some suggestions or tips, if you are in the business of selling.

  • Tell, don’t sell – try to convey information to your prospects in the form of education.
  • Talk about the value of the service or product
  • Tell them what they need to know or do when buying your type of service or product
  • Help them make the right decision when buying
  • Let them decide if what you offer is right for them and fits their needs
  • Teach them what they need to know about buying your type of product or service

This will not only make your prospects more educated in making the right decision, but they will also be grateful for your effort in helping them decide

Even if they decide not to buy from you because it’s not the right product or service, they will remember you. You have already created the rapport and the relationship with this prospect, and they will remember you when buying your type of service or product. As a salesperson, you can get your prospect to buy what you sell if you use the right approach.

Eman BurashidTell, Don’t Sell
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