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The Duct Tape Marketing Story | A ROADMAP FOR SMEs

Owners of small to midsize businesses face a daily challenge to not only keep their businesses running, but to grow them too. Too often, businesses start to think about marketing only when their revenues start to decline. The priority of reeling in and retaining ideal customers takes a backseat when a business is faced with the daily administrative and operational challenges. When this goes on for too long, business owners suddenly find themselves missing out on profitable growth and overwhelmed by having hardly any idea how to get on track. Does this sound familiar?



Since 2010, in addition to my own business experience, I have invested in on-going, up-to-date training that includes developing marketing strategies using the Duct Tape Marketing System for my clients. This system is of a U.S. entity that was founded over twenty years ago by the renowned marketing consultant and best-selling author, John Jantsch. Much of this system is documented and explained in Jantsch’s Wall Street Journal best-selling book, Duct Tape Marketing: The World’s Most Practical Small Business Marketing Guide. His Duct Tape Marketing blog was chosen as a Forbes favorite for marketing and small business and his Duct Tape Marketing podcast was called a “must listen” by Fast Company magazine. Jantsch has delivered keynote speeches to organizations such as American Express, Microsoft, Verizon, HP, and eBay. He also is the featured marketing contributor to American Express OPENForum.



To generate higher sales, most business owners immediately turn to tactics that they see their competitors use, or simply fall back on the ones they happen to be familiar with. Very often, these tactics are implemented without a proper plan. The lack of this plan sets the businesses up for failure. Every marketing consultant has the same goal: to help a business achieve a sustainable increase in leads, customers, and sales. What sets the Duct Tape Marketing ideology apart is that as implied by its name, it provides a simple, practical and affordable solution. It installs a turnkey marketing system into small to mid-size businesses. It helps to create a strategy in a simple, step-by-step format that is developed after thorough analysis of a business’ target market and behavior. It is unfortunate that while businesses have efficient systems for their accounting and operational activities, they just don’t have one for marketing. Duct Tape Marketing is about taking a practical approach to sales and marketing efforts and creating that much needed system.



Each Duct Tape Marketing Consultant goes through a stringent training comprised of developing a full-blown strategy using the key pieces that make up the Duct Tape Marketing System. During this training, the consultant becomes well versed in implementing the proven system, applying the process to real life scenarios and doing the research needed to learn and grow in both strategy and implementation. The Duct Tape Marketing consultant is trained in determining ideal customers, how to develop and utilize effective content, nailing down a process for tracking results, and finding a key competitive advantage for companies. The consultant also knows how to ensure results are consistent and how to convert leads into loyal customers. After certification, the consultant’s training continues on bi-weekly basis by attending webinars, as well as several in-person training sessions that take place throughout the year, including an annual summit in the US for more intensive training, multiple networking, and professional development. The aim of these events is to continue to be well-informed on the industry, and how to best implement the newest tactics to make them work for your business.



Because of Duct Tape Marketing’s success, over 100 consultants around the world have opted to use this system as the way to implement marketing for their clients. When this plan is implemented, marketing becomes easy and delivers predictable results. When you hire a Duct Tape Marketing Consultant, not only do you gain access to your certified consultant, you gain access to the thinking caps of our entire network of marketing consultants around the globe. The collaboration between these expert marketers can really help to excel your business’ strategy to help you gain profits and customers. Because of the power that the Duct Tape Marketing Network holds, you will always have access to the best marketing software and tools. We work with movers and shakers in the marketing software industry to both develop and secure the best products for our customers.

“What sets the Duct Tape Marketing ideology apart is that as implied by its name, it provides a simple, practical and affordable solution.”

Eman BurashidThe Duct Tape Marketing Story | A ROADMAP FOR SMEs
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