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This is a true story, no kidding.

I got a call from someone who sounded like a young man. He asked me to give him some advice on his business.

As usual, I directed him to fill out the free Marketing Checkup on my website in order to earn his 30-minute free marketing consultancy.

He completed the form and we set the date, time and place to meet. It was around 4 pm at Costa, Adliya.

When I arrived at the Café, I saw two men sitting at a table. The young man stood up to greet me and he introduced me to his father.

I started to go through the brief. Instead of 30 minutes. It took me 2 hours. I was trying to help the father who was having trouble selling construction tools in a neighborhood where most people only looked for cheap stuff and quality was not important.

When I was just about to finish, the father suddenly stood up, asked to be excused and left the coffee shop. He was immediately followed by his son.

I sat there wondering what the heck happened here. Then, just a few minutes later, the son came back.

He apologized and started to tell me his other story.

To make a long story short, this young man was thinking about starting his consultancy business and brought his father as an accomplice, so that I reveal my consultancy approach. When the job was done, the father left.

The young man admitted that that was really sneaky and started justifying his action by saying that he didn’t want to be a failure like his father.

I didn’t say a word and sat there listening to him. When he finished, I stood up and walked away.

Since then, I’ve seen him twice at a couple of conferences, with a big smile on his face on both occasions. Also, I was once featured in a magazine and he was on the next page, featured as well. This young man now has his consultancy business.

Why do you think he came back when he could have gone without revealing his real intentions?

End of story.

Eman BurashidThis is a true story, no kidding.
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