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Top Productivity Apps To Keep You In Check

If you are an entrepreneur, the start of your business can be very overwhelming. To keep you on track despite the pressure, here are 2 of our favorite productivity apps that can help you:

  • Set priorities
  • Manage and categorize tasks
  • Accomplish tasks more quickly and with less effort (i.e. more efficiently)
  • Keep an integrated work effort with your team members

  1. Todoist
    ToDoist is the ultimate todo list app, which has helped over 10 million people gain more control of their lives. Its intelligent software allows you to easily categorize your tasks according to projects and priorities. For example, if you create a task to “Send a follow-email to client at 9AM tomorrow #work”, ToDoist will automatically schedule a reminder for you the next day at 9am, and file the task into your “work” project.But ToDoist is more than just a personal productivity tool. It can also be used to keep your entire team on track. It helps plan projects and assign responsibility, discuss project details, and monitor deadlines all inside the app.

    ToDoist is free for basic functionality, $36 a year for premium features, and $60 a year (per user) for full featured access for your entire team.

  2. Evernote
    With practically unlimited space, rich formatting, and the ability to share or present your notes with one click, you’ll have everything you need to move your work forward on Evernote. Its popular features include document scanning, multi device syncing, mood board creation and more!Evernote is free for basic functionality (best for personal use), $7.99 a month for premium features, and $14.99 a month (per user) to bring your team together.
Eman BurashidTop Productivity Apps To Keep You In Check
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